RachyRACHYRACH!!!!! (kittytreats) wrote in blues_world,

New comic in November? How did you find Blue Monday?

Hello! Finally there's a new Blue Monday issue coming out!  I'm pretty excited, anything else coming out by Chynna?  Do you usually buy your issues online or at a comic store? I got into Blue Monday kinda late so I end up buying the paperbacks, which I like.  Then I preordered the issues at a comic store.  I recently moved so now I gotta decide if I should just buy online or visit a store. I"m lazy I suppose..

Rissa Meade of Blue MondayHere's a silly question I had in my head forever. I always thought Rissa was wearing a fashionable cloak/coat thing...but it's a cape! Okay I guess that's not really a question but more of an observation. 

So how did you get into Blue Monday? Whenever someone asks me about a good comic to read that's not super heroes, I always recommend Blue Monday. That's how I learned about it.  Has it inspired you do anything? I"m trying to create a comic that I've had in my head since high school *LOL*
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