steam_dog (steam_dog) wrote in blues_world,

Thieves Like Us

Hi everyone, I get the impression that this place is dead, but in case it's not I thought I'd make a topic for everyone to give their thoughts on the new miniseries. So what did you all think of the first issue? I enjoyed it very much indeed, the style of art seems to have changed a little, less manga influence than before, but I thought the story was hilarious (especially the sequence with Victor, Monkeyboy and their monkey counterparts) and I loved the atmospheric intro with the changing seasons and 'love is blue' playing in the background. I like how every character is now involved in a love triangle or one kind or another, and I really can't wait to see how things develop. I also heard that in this series we are finally going to see the aftermath of the 'Lovecats' story!
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