x3 (chibimonkey99) wrote in blues_world,

an awkward mesh

 I took a break from finals cramming to work on Blue Monday with jjournye  until she finished working on her character concepts for whatever project we have in mind but will probably never finish.

Then we began calibrating on Blue Monday fanshit. ahaha

jjournye  's WIPs:

i also have parts of the story
it was originally a script but i got bored and made it flowery and crap ahaha

“Lets make this game a little bit more interesting,” he had said with a smirk, as he poured each of his friends 10 shots from the booze he had released from the family liquor cabinet.

“Not that I mind or anything,” Erin stated as she raised an eyebrow at the saggy-haired boy. “But aren’t your parents gonna freak when they notice a large portion of their booze is gone?”

“I know mine would,” Bleu said as she inspected one of her glasses as if looking through a test tube. “My dad flips his lid if as so much as mention taking a sip of that wine they have at communion.”

“Pfft,” he scoffed. “You think I care what my folks say?”

“Ohhh tough talk for a git who takes the bus to school cause his mommy wont let him drive the car.”

“Fuck off, Clover,” Alan sneered as he rejoined the group and took a seat next to Victor. “At least I can fucking drive a car.”

“I could too, prick, but I aint sixteen yet.”

“Really?” the boy smirked as he leaned over Victor and into Clover’s face. “Cause your face is so haggard I sometimes think you’re my grandma’s age.”

“Hey, hey!” Victor called, pushing the two feuding teens apart. “You kids play better nice or so help me I’ll turn this drinking game around.”

“So instead of putting our fingers down when we did something,” Monkeyboy said, scratching his chin. “We down a drink?”

“Yeah, basically,” Alan answered, his excitement reignited by the mention of the game. “Usually the game is over when someone admits to 10 things, but I have an idea that can spice this up.”

“We aren’t playing 'Strip Never Have I Ever'.” Bleu sighed, deadpan. “I don’t care how drunk I get, nothing’s enough to be able to tolerate seeing Monkeyboy’s family jewels.”

“Well, looks like it time for you to leave, Chris,” Victor said, pointing to the door. “It’s been real, but you heard the girl.”

“Shut up, dick,” Monkeyboy growled, smacking away Victor’s hand. “I’ve seen what you’re packing in the locker room, and all I gotta say is there’s a reason you can fit into such tight faggy-ass jeans.”

We have no idea wtf we're even doing with this...but it has pretty pictures :)
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